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In Luras, in the neighbourhood of the granitic "Piazza del Rosario" (Rosary Square), there's a house, that's been the last dwelling of such a particular artist, as Tonino Forteleoni (Luras 1915 -1996) has been, and where his works can be admired. His gift, together with his extraordinary manual ability, made him realise that cork had a soul, and that he could draw something different from it.

Christ's studyWith his skill in carving and engraving cork, and an original and absolutely personal technique, he used to create mosaic bas-relief, making use of all the warm colours of cork.

During his years' work, he created even pieces of furniture with different features, besides other works of great artistic value: his picture especially can arouse deep feelings and emotions.

In this web-site, you will find some information about Forteloni's life, as well as some of his works, the techniques and materials he utilised to create them and further details that will help you to understand thoroughly and therefore to appreciate this great artist.


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